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Winning the Loser’s Game

Winning the Losers Game

enduring investment advice

Winning the Loser’s Game was first published in 1998 and its sixth edition came out in 2013.  It’s one of the more enduring investment books available.

The reason for the book’s continued popularity is Charles Ellis’ timeless advice about why investing can so often be a loser’s game and what individual investors can do to become winners.

the loser’s game

Instead of playing the loser’s game of trying to ‘beat the markets’, Charles Ellis shows how you can enjoy a winning game by getting the markets to work for you.

He explains how markets really work and why most investors are their own worst enemy. In contrast successful investors know how to avoid short-term traps and the importance of concentrating on long-term strategies.

why we like this book

Winning the Loser’s Game is a relatively easy and entertaining read with lots of truisms.

We’ve give this book to clients who want to understand more about our investment philosophy. It’s one of the investment book classics and a great place to start if you want to learn more about investment.


Here’s a link to Amazon to if you would like to buy the latest, sixth edition, of the book.

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