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Smarter Investing

Smarter Investing

markets outperform the industry

The fact that, in the long term, markets outperform most of the investment industry is the foundation of Tim Hale’s investment approach, which he outlines in this book.

rules for success

Tim cuts through the hype surrounding investment, focuses on the hard facts and provides a simple and powerful set of rules for successful investing.

why we like this book

We bought the first edition of this book back in 2006.  It’s investment focused and so couldn’t be classified as a beach read, but it is accessible whatever the level of your investment knowledge.  

Most importantly though, Tim’s credibility can’t be doubted – each assertion is backed up with facts and evidence.  He also uses UK (rather than US) data which is unusual, and welcome, in the finance book world.

We have also seen Tim present on several occasions and he is an engaging and persuasive speaker.


Here’s a link to Amazon to if you would like to read more reviews (for the second edition) or buy the latest (third) version (only published in October 2013, so few reviews as yet) of the  book.

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