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Silver Spoon Kids

Silver Spoon Kids

money moments

Have you experienced any of these ‘money moments’ with your children:

  • your 6 year old asks you ‘are we rich?’
  • how much pocket money is right for your 8 year old.
  • how can your child learn to handle money responsibly when their friends’ parents buy them everything they want.
  • your 12 year old asks for an increase in their allowance.
  • should your 15 year old, studying for GCSEs, ‘earn’ their allowance by doing chores?
  • should you incentivise good academic results with financial rewards?


Children growing up in affluent homes have incredible opportunities open to them, but their environment can also lead to problems: loss of ambition, inability to handle money responsibly, fear of failure or an unearned sense of privilege or superiority.

This book contends that affluence, per se, is not the problem, but the money messages that the child receives whilst growing up in an affluent environment can be.  Our responses to our children in ‘money moments’ such as those above and our own behaviour around money shape our children’s future financial behaviour.

why we like this book

Eileen Gallo is a practising psychotherapist and her co-author and husband, Jon, provides estate planning advice to wealthy families.  They have written this book, based upon their own extensive research and experience, and provide a well thought through approach to teaching children about money.


Here’s a link to Amazon if you would like to read more reviews or buy the book.

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