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Seven Stages of Money Maturity

Seven Stages of Money Maturity

a sense of ease

George Kinder is considered the ‘father’ of the financial life planning movement.

This is a wonderful financial book for anyone who wants to develop a greater sense of ease in their ‘money life’.

feelings effect financial decisions

George shows readers how to identify internalised messages about money, which are conditioned during childhood and how these feelings affect financial decisions.  He also shows how you can develop new skills in dealing with money.

why we like this book

As a practising financial life planner, a Buddhist teacher and also an accountant by training, George has created a book that is a unique combination of the spiritual and practical aspects of money.

Although Seven Stages is perhaps a little long winded in parts many have experienced a true ‘light bulb’ moment regarding their relationship with money as a result of reading this book.

Nick and Sue have both attended workshops run by George and have incorporated many of his ideas in future perfect‘s financial life planning process.  Nick qualified as an Advanced Financial Life Planner with George in 2011.


Here’s a link to George talking about Financial Life Planning and also a link to Amazon if you would like to read more reviews or buy the book.

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