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Investing Demystified

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Lars Kroijer is the author of ‘Money Mavericks – Confessions of a Hedge Fund Manager’, an entertaining and insightful account of how hedge funds are created and run.

A London based Dane, Kroijer had plenty of experience to draw on for this book, having set up a hedge fund in 2002 and also having worked for other hedge funds and private equity firms in both London and New York.

investing demystified

For this latest book, published in August 2013, Kroijer turns his attention and considerable intellect to the thorny issue of what, given all he knows about investing and how investment firms work, an ordinary investor should do.

an edge

Investing Demystified is perhaps a less entertaining read than Kroijer’s hedge fund book, but it has, in our view, an essential message for investors:  you do not have ‘an edge’ when it comes to investing.

However high achieving and capable you may be in your work and life, you will not be able to achieve an investment return higher than the market or, indeed, choose an exceptional fund manager who will do that on your behalf.

Instead, investors will be best served by what he calls a rational portfolio, comprising low cost index funds, which he goes on to outline in the rest of the book.

why we like this book

We agree wholeheartedly with Kroijer’s analysis and conclusions and his findings are consistent with our investment approach.

It’s similar in style to Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing (reviewed here), but shorter and perhaps more readable.


Here’s a link to Amazon if you would like to read more reviews or buy the book.

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